Manually confirm bookings

As default, all bookings where a payment takes place is automatically "Confirmed" (this does not include payments by Bank Transfer). If a payment does not take place during the booking process, the booking will be set to "Unconfirmed". Either way, the period will be blocked on your availability calendar to prevent multiple bookings.

You can modify this process by configuring the payment options enabled for each of your websites. To do this, visit the Vabooki Control Panel (?) and click "Bookings" at the top of the page. Once there, under the section named "Website Booking Settings" click "Payment Methods". From here, you can click "config" to manage the booking status applied to each payment method.

We would always recommend that if you have enabled Bank Transfer as a payment method for your website, that you leave this booking status set to "Unconfirmed" as you will need to manually check your bank statement to ensure payment has been sent.